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1-1 Coaching — Manage Symptoms Over 4 Months

Reclaim your autoimmune health using food as medicine, tailored coaching, and a personalized care roadmap.

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100% of members reported improvement in pain, fatigue, or general quality of life after just 3 months.

4 Month Program

Tailored Support For Real Results

I'd recommend this approach to anyone who is struggling with their autoimmune disease and has not noticed any improvements with traditional medicine.”
Tailored Support
1-1 Coaching pathway

Our 4-Month Approach To Healing

Discover your health status

Discover Your Health Status

After completing a nutritional questionnaire, your NTP will help you capture your symptom baseline, health concerns, and nutritional status and work with you to define your personal health goals.

Start Your Healing Journey
Month 1

Start Your Healing Journey

Get matched with an NTP, Health Coach, and Membership Coordinator who will support you along your healing journey. Receive a personalized care roadmap, implement lifestyle changes, and join the WellTogether community.

Get Coached & Track Progress
Months 2 to 3

Get Coached & Track Progress

Receive bi-weekly check-ins with your Care Team to discuss progress, track which lifestyle changes are working for you through symptom trackers and journals, and get curated educational resources for your condition.

Health Reassessment & Next Steps
Month 4

Health Reassessment & Next Steps

Complete a second nutritional questionnaire and review with your NTP to capture your new health baseline. This reassessment determines how you can continue supporting yourself for sustained healing.

How We Support You

Habit Formation

Our NTPs and Health Coaches work with individuals who are ready to make shifts to their lifestyle so they can feel well again

Symptom Management

Our NTPs and Health Coaches work with individuals at various stages of autoimmunity & have treated over 20 conditions

Goal Setting and Achievement

Get support from an NTP & Health Coach to achieve personalized health goals supportive of your autoimmune condition

Nutritional Approach

Get dietary support tailored to your health goals, no matter your dietary needs


Get connected to the WellTogether community and feel seen by others like you

Advanced Testing Specific To Your Condition

Get to the root of your symptoms with testing that looks at the health of major body systems


Better Care Is Here

Receive 1-1 tailored support and finally get to the root of your autoimmune symptoms.

4 Month Bundle — Save $100

1-1 Coaching Pathway

4 months of access

Or 4 interest-free payments of $100.
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Get the tools you need to manage your unique autoimmune symptoms and create a healing lifestyle perfect for you.

  • Health assessment to establish your baseline
  • Follow-up assessment to monitor your progress
  • Access to our tools, resources, and perks
  • Access to the WellTogether Community
  • Chat-based accountability support from your Care Team

Plus Personalized Care Plans

  • Bi-weekly 30 min. sessions with your Care Team
  • Access to advanced testing
  • Personalized care roadmap with individual health priorities


Start Your Healing Journey

4 months of personalized autoimmune care that puts you in the driver seat of your healing journey. Start today.