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Carly Michelson

FNTP | Restorative Wellness Practitioner | AIP Certified Coach

Carly has been using AIP for over 7 years to manage her own autoimmune condition and empowers others to achieve the same.  

Carly's Diagnosis: Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

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Carly's Story with Hashimoto's

I’m not sure when it all started. Looking back, I can identify my Hashimotos Thyroiditis symptoms all the way back in my teens. After years of feeling sick and tired, I was finally diagnosed in 2009, at the age of 26.  While I was relieved to have a name and valid reason for all my debilitating symptoms (I really wasn’t crazy!), it didn’t fix anything.

Traditional medications never relieved my symptoms or aches and pains, and my dosages continued to increase. I tried doing all the “right” things to get healthier, but I was still stuck in one constant flare up.  I got hives every time I tried to exercise, had horrible hip and joint pain, couldn’t get out of bed, experienced uncontrollable weight-gain, bounced between anxiety and depression, and was living in a constant state of brain fog.

The final straw came during a hives breakout in 2015. Fed up with my body betraying me, I decided it was time to find a different solution."

Carly Is Right For You If...

You're Tired of Feeling Tired

Carly works with mothers, those between the age of 30-55, and individuals with complex autoimmune symptoms who are ready to feel well again

You Have Autoimmune Symptoms

Carly specialized in Hashimoto's, Graves' Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, and Multiple Sclerosis, and has worked with over 25+ autoimmune diseases

You Have
Health Goals

Get support with improved energy, batch-cooking tricks, stress management techniques, detoxification support, and self-advocacy tips

You Have Dietary Preferences

Get guidance with AIP, Keto, Wahl's Protocol, Paleo, and Intermittent Fasting

You Want
Recipe Support

Receive recipes rooted in Mediterranean, American, and Farm-to-Table cuisines

You're Interested in Advanced Testing

Get to the root of your symptoms through GI testing, stool analysis testing, and food sensitivities testing


1-1 Coaching

A customized approach to healing. Receive a care roadmap of highly personalized steps designed to support your unique needs and 1-on-1 biweekly check-ins with Carly and your Health Coach.

Discover Your Health Baseline


After completing a nutritional questionnaire, Carly will help you capture your current symptoms, health concerns, and overall nutritional status to determine your health baseline and work with you to define your personal health goals.

Meet the Rest of Your Care Team

Week 1

You’ll be matched with a Health Coach and Membership Coordinator  to answer your questions and make sure you feel supported and accountable, every step of the way.

Start Your Healing Journey

Week 2

You'll partner with Carly to co-create what your WellTheory healing journey will look like. You will receive your personalized Care Roadmap, outlining what you will work on with Carly and your Health Coach. From there, you will join a community of members ready to heal alongside you.

Build the Foundation

Week 3

After your receive your Care Roadmap, you will begin implementing lifestyle changes to support your healing. With curated educational resources for your particular condition and support and accountability from your Care Team, you will make sustainable lifestyle changes. Finally allowing you to turn information into action.

Get Coached & Track Progress


Receive bi-weekly check-ins with your Care Team to suit your particular needs. Want to check-in about your Care Roadmap or discuss your nutrition protocol? Connect with Carly. Need support with behavior change, setting goals, or implementing new habits? Connect with your Health Coach. Track which lifestyle changes are working for you through symptom trackers and journals shared with your entire Care Team.

What Clients Are Saying

This program was AMAZING! I was looking for validation and a team spirit on my journey and that's exactly what I got! It's an extremely thoughtful and approachable way to take control of your autoimmune disease. The community aspect really helped me work more on the lifestyle factors, especially stress management. During this program, I noticed more consistency in how I felt every day, starting the day and ending the day with enough energy. The most amazing result achieved as a result of AIP was the lowest inflammatory blood test results I have ever had! I'd recommend this approach for anyone who is ready to take ownership of their health and tackle some really tough stuff.
Nicole, Age 50, Diagnosed 27 years ago
Starting your autoimmune healing journey can be confusing and overwhelming. This community coaching takes the pressure off by presenting the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) in a logical order without adding more stress to the process. The transition is gentle and the pace is manageable, with a focus on the positives of adding healing foods and healthy lifestyle modifications. This team is compassionate and supportive — they've been there and they understand what we're going through. If you're struggling to get started or need help making the AIP stick, this program is just what you need!
Gail, Age 50, Diagnosed 4 years ago
This membership is PHENOMENAL! I cannot say thank you enough. The care team is so warm and friendly, and they provide the right amount of encouragement without making you feel pressured. I feel less tired than before I started the program. I am finding myself taking fewer naps during the day than before, and I'm more aware of what I put in my body and how that impacts how I feel. I notice that I feel less drained and sluggish, too. I'd recommend this approach to anyone who is struggling with their autoimmune disease and has not noticed any improvements with traditional medicine.
Cynara, Age 42, Diagnosed 2 years ago
I'd recommend this approach to anyone who needs to get a handle on their relationship with food and has mental/emotional/physical challenges. Food truly is medicine if used correctly! Over time, I have noticed a huge reduction in my lower leg pain (a side effect of Crohn's) and my ability to stay present when choosing what to eat. It's not that I'm 100% Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) — but when I choose to eat non-AIP I stop and check in with myself about why, and how to minimize the damage my choice will cause if I go ahead with it.
Kirsten, Age 60, Diagnosed 43 years ago


Better Care Is Here

Start working with Carly and finally get to the root of your autoimmune symptoms.

Personal Coaching

Work with Carly to get the tools you need to heal.


per month, cancel anytime

  • Bi-weekly 30 minute sessions with your Care Team
  • Personalized care roadmap with individual health priorities
  • Initial health assessment to establish your health baseline
  • Follow up assessment at the completion of your program to monitor your progress
  • Access to our tools, resources, and perks
  • Access to the WellTogether Community
  • Chat-based accountability support from your Care Team
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You’re in Good Hands

Turn the information you receive from Carly into action, with the help of your Health Coach.

Sybil Cooper

Health Coach

Sybil earned a PhD in Immunology from University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and her passion for science extended to health and wellness while learning to manage several autoimmune diseases. Sybil is driven to help people feel better and thrive in spite of an autoimmune diagnosis.

Diagnosis: Sjorgen's Syndrome, Myasthenia Gravis, Raynaud's Disease, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease

Stephanie Papadakis

Health Coach

Stephanie got started in autoimmune care because her loves ones were diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease and Graves' disease. She truly cares about helping individuals with chronic conditions and autoimmune issues learn how to live their best lives.

Diagnosis: Endometriosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Kristina Wong

Health Coach

Kristina studied kinesiology with an emphasis in health education and health promotion; after completing her degree, she worked at the Cal Poly Health Research Center. Through her own health journey, she has gained a deeper empathy and desire to serve those with chronic and autoimmune conditions.

Diagnosis: Unknown, autoimmune-like symptoms for 6 years


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