92% of WellTheory members have reduced their symptoms through diet and lifestyle alone.

A Natural Approach To Autoimmune Care

We’ll help you implement simple diet and lifestyle changes that target the root cause and alleviate your most debilitating symptoms.
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Experience Life Changing Whole-Body Care

Science says 80% of health starts with small choices we make every day.1 Our Care Team supports you in five key areas of influence including nutrition, sleep hygiene, stress management, movement, and your connection to self, others, and nature.
Start Healing Naturally

What you can look forward to as a WellTheory member

Ongoing Expert Support
Your Care Team of autoimmune experts—led by a registered dietitian—is here to provide continuous care through regular video calls and unlimited messaging.
Dedicated, Personalized Care
Together, we’ll uncover the root causes contributing to your symptoms and create a whole-body plan to address your nutritional and lifestyle needs.
Evidence-Based, Holistic Approach
Learn simple, evidence-based habits around nutrition, sleep, stress, movement and connection to self, others and nature to reduce your symptoms.
Community Support
You’re not alone on your autoimmunity journey. Join an intimate community of others who are living and learning alongside you.

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Get Empathetic Support From Expert Practitioners

Managing an autoimmune disease is complicated — especially when your care provider dismisses your symptoms.

Our Care Team consists of a network of health practitioners, registered dietitians, and clinical advisers, all with autoimmune-specific training. They’ve helped thousands of others like you feel wholly supported on their path to healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried lots of treatments in the past. How do I know WellTheory will work for me?
We understand the frustration that comes with managing an autoimmune condition. Our personalized plans get to the root cause of your symptoms to build more effective treatment. Practitioners will take your history into consideration and adapt their coaching to meet your needs as they change.

That said, we want to make trying WellTheory a safe choice. Our membership is month-to-month—no contract needed.
Are lab tests included in my membership?
Yes, all labs are included free in your WellTheory membership.

Undiagnosed members typically start with our Root Cause Panel, which tests for nine biomarkers of autoimmunity.

We also offer a range of testing, including gut microbiome analysis, food sensitivities, hormone panels, heavy metals, and environmental toxins. Our Care Team will work with you to determine which tests are recommended based on your symptoms and health goals. These tests are not included in your membership, and would require an additional fee.

Learn more about our lab tests.
I’m managing multiple autoimmune diagnoses. Is your team equipped to deal with that?
Yes. Our practitioners have autoimmune expertise and will formulate a Care Plan that treats your body as a whole, including different symptoms and the root causes that might be triggering them.
How does WellTheory's approach differ from conventional care, and why is it important to prioritize holistic methods?
WellTheory’s approach involves supporting the body's innate ability to recover and thrive. We do this through holistic and lifestyle-based interventions, emphasizing whole-person care focused on nutrition, sleep, stress management, movement, and meaningful connections.

This approach is crucial as it seeks to address the root causes of symptoms, promoting long-term well-being and reducing dependency on medications with potential side effects. Our commitment to natural healing reflects our belief in empowering individuals to reclaim their health through mindful choices and comprehensive lifestyle adjustments.
How soon will I see results?
Members typically see symptom reduction in the first couple of months of the program. We do recommend working with your Care Team for six months to build the habits necessary to sustain progress long-term.
How often do I meet with my Care Team?
While your symptoms may be sporadic, our care won’t be. We want you to feel as supported as you need in a shame-free environment.

Once you complete a more thorough onboarding process and get your Care Team and Plan in place, you’ll meet with them 2x per month in 1:1 video sessions. For additional support needed between appointments, we’ll be just a message away.
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1 Katz, D. L., Frates, E. P., Bonnet, J. P., Gupta, S. K., Vartiainen, E., & Carmona, R. H. (2018). Lifestyle as Medicine: The
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