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Putting It All Together

Jesse St. Jean, WellTheory Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP)

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Progress and Reflection:

Wow! You’ve learned a lot over these past weeks. Let’s take a minute to reflect on what some of your big takeaways have been from this process. Get comfy, grab a pen and a piece of paper or journal, and move to place where you can be without any distractions for 5 minutes. If that time isn’t right now, that’s okay! Do what you can today, or pull out your calendar and block off a different 5 minute chunk of time when you can reflect. Remember, we’re going for progress, not perfection!

Sleep Review

You’ve also been working on exploring new tools and strategies for supporting sleep over the past 8 weeks. Let’s review all the tools you’ve explored:

  • creating a morning routine
  • creating an evening routine
  • how and when to use sleep aids
  • making adjustment to your meals to support sleep
  • adjusting exercise routines to support sleep
  • how and when to troubleshoot and seek extra support

How are you feeling about these new tools? Have you noticed any changes in your sleep? If not, don’t fret! Sometimes time is the “secret sauce” for healing. Continue practicing the habits you’ve formed and time will do the rest.

  1. What have you learned, both about sleep and about yourself?
  2. What information stood out to you the most that helped in reframing the way you think about sleep?
  3. What tools did you find the most helpful for your sleep routine that you want to continue practicing moving forward?

Sleep Resources

We’ve shared a lot of resources with you throughout this program, so we wanted to share them all again in one place!

Sleep Aids

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