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Autoimmune Symptoms We Help You Alleviate

Gut Microbiome & Stool Analysis

Autoimmune diseases often have a strong connection to gut health, and these tests can identify imbalances, pathogens, and inflammation that may contribute to autoimmune symptoms.

We offer access to tests such as the GI-Map, SIBO Profiles, and Comprehensive Stool Analysis.

Hormone Assessments

Hormonal imbalances are common in autoimmune conditions and can significantly impact overall health and symptom severity. These tests help identify hormonal dysfunctions and guide targeted treatment approaches.

We offer access to test such as the The Dutch Hormone Test, Hormone Panels, and Saliva Adrenal.

Nutrient & Mineral Analysis

Assessing mineral imbalances and nutrient deficiencies is valuable for individuals with autoimmunity, as these imbalances can affect immune function and contribute to symptoms. You’ll identify potential imbalances and guide targeted nutritional interventions.

We offer access to the Hair Tissue Mineral Tests to evaluate your nutrient and mineral status.

Food Sensitivity & Allergies

Managing autoimmune conditions involves identifying trigger foods that may provoke inflammation or immune reactions. Testing for food sensitivities and allergies helps determine personalized dietary modifications to alleviate symptoms.

We provide access to the MRT-176 test for evaluating food sensitivities and allergies.

Toxicity & Environmental Exposure

Evaluating exposure to mycotoxins and other toxins is important for individuals with autoimmunity, as these substances can affect the immune system and contribute to symptoms. You’ll identify potential sources of toxic exposure and guides interventions to reduce toxin burden.

We offer access to the MycoTOX Profile for assessing your toxic exposure.

Metabolism & Inflammation

Assessing metabolism and inflammation markers is valuable for individuals with autoimmunity, as abnormalities in these areas can contribute to symptoms. You’ll gain insight into nutrient deficiencies, oxidative stress, and abnormalities in neurotransmitter function. 

We offer access to the Organic Acids Test (OAT) to evaluate your metabolism and inflammation markers.