At WellTheory, we collaborate with a select network of independent third-party labs for diagnostics. All of these labs are CLIA certified, CAP accredited, and/or benefit from physician authorization, ensuring a level of precision that aligns with medical institutional standards. Each participating lab is subjected to regular quality assurance checks to consistently deliver the highest standards in testing.

Your testing kits are conveniently delivered right to your doorstep, complete with user-friendly guidelines to aid you in the sample collection process.

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My doctor prescribed antibiotics, should I stop taking the probiotics you recommended until I finish them?
No need to stop, but you’ll want to space the probiotics out from the antibiotics by a few hours. Continuing the probiotics should aid in your recovery and reduce any negative impacts on your microbiome that the antibiotics might cause.

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Get to the Root Cause of Your Symptoms

Our Root Cause Panel is the first step in your healing journey. By testing for these 9 biomarkers, we’re able to build a comprehensive view of your health and focus on the underlying factors contributing to your autoimmune symptoms.
C-Reactive Protein
We include C-Reactive Protein testing to assess the level of inflammation in your body, which can be indicative of various underlying conditions, including autoimmune diseases.

Inflammation is often closely connected to nutrition and other foundational health concerns like digestion, blood sugar, and fatty acid balance.
Complete Blood Count
The CBC is included to evaluate your overall health and detect a variety of disorders, like anemia and infection, which can be symptoms of an autoimmune condition.

Imbalances in the CBC can often be related to underlying foundational needs with digestive health and function.
Vitamin D
We test for Vitamin D levels to determine any deficiencies that may be affecting your immune system's effectiveness, as low levels can be linked to autoimmune diseases.

Vitamin D imbalances are often influenced by diet, digestion and fatty acid support.
Hemoglobin A1c
This test helps us evaluate your average blood sugar levels over the past three months, allowing us to identify potential issues related to metabolic function or diabetes, which can be autoimmune in nature.
A glucose test is included to assess your body's ability to regulate sugar levels, as imbalances can be symptomatic of autoimmune-related metabolic issues.
Lipid Panel
We include a lipid panel to examine your cholesterol levels, which can offer insights into your cardiovascular health — a concern that's often secondary but relevant in autoimmune conditions.

Cholesterol levels and balance help us get a more comprehensive look at the inflammatory responses in your body and assess for what anti-inflammatory nutrients you might need from your diet.
Iron, Ferritin, and TIBC (Total Iron Binding Capacity)
These tests are included to assess your body's iron storage and utilization, which can be indicative of anemia or other conditions sometimes associated with autoimmune diseases.

Iron imbalances are often indicative of the need to support digestive healing and function.
Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA)
The ANA test is included to identify the presence of antinuclear antibodies in your blood, which are commonly elevated in various types of autoimmune diseases.
Thyroid Antibodies
We test thyroid antibodies for Hashimoto’s, which is the most prevalent autoimmune disease.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with individuals who share my diagnosis or symptoms?
Yes. We specialize in helping anyone with autoimmune disease or autoimmune-like symptoms on their healing journey. You can learn more about the conditions we support here.
How long do members typically work with their Care Team?
While our membership is month-to-month, most members work with us for 6-12 months. This time period is long enough for most members to experience meaningful symptom reduction and build their knowledge and tools for managing their autoimmune condition(s) in the long term.
Can I pay for my membership with HSA or FSA dollars?
Yes you can. We accept payment from HSAs and FSAs using debit or credit cards. Typically, your HSA or FSA will contact you to request a Letter of Medical Necessity, which you will need to obtain from your healthcare provider.
Can you order labs or advanced testing for me?
Yes. We offer a range of testing, including gut microbiome analysis, food sensitivities, hormone panels, heavy metals, and environmental toxins. Our Care Team will work with you to determine which tests are recommended based on your symptoms and health goals. Testing is optional and is not included in the membership.
Learn more about our lab tests.
Can I change practitioners if it’s not a good fit?
Yes. Finding a practitioner you trust is crucial to healing. While members rarely feel the need to switch practitioners, we’ll work with you to connect you with the best possible match for you.
How do I get started?
Click here to sign up for a membership. You’ll be paired with your Care Team, complete our intake process, and get a personalized Care Plan to support your healing. If you're not happy in your first 30 days, we'll refund your money—no questions asked.
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Conventional Healthcare Isn’t Cutting It

It typically takes women 5 years to receive their autoimmune diagnosis.1
And the average primary care visit — lasts 18 minutes.2
Try Something Better
1 Marshall, Amy Sarah. “The Detective Work of Autoimmune Disease.” Healthy Balance, UVA Health, 12 May 2021,
2 Neprash, Hannah T. PhD*; Everhart, Alexander BA*; McAlpine, Donna PhD*; Smith, Laura Barrie PhD†; Sheridan, Bethany PhD‡; Cross, Dori A. PhD*. Measuring Primary Care Exam Length Using
Electronic Health Record Data. Medical Care 59(1):p 62-66, January 2021. | DOI: 10.1097/MLR.0000000000001450