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Our founder’s story
I built WellTheory because it was the approach I needed when confronting my own autoimmune disease. I know how valuable lifestyle interventions can be to the autoimmune journey, and I want others to be able to experience that for themselves.
— Ellen Rudolph, Founder + CEO

It’s extremely difficult to find whole-body care that addresses the root cause of autoimmunity.

50 million

Approximately 50 million Americans have been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, and the number keeps growing (Source).


Approximately 80% of all patients diagnosed with autoimmune disease are women (Source) .

4.5 years

It takes an average of 4.5 years from the onset of  symptoms for a person to get an autoimmune diagnosis (Source).

It Shouldn’t Take So Long to Get Help

At WellTheory, we’re not about fast facts or quick fixes. Our care team will work with you to heal your system and address the root cause of your autoimmunity — and make sure you feel heard, supported, and cared for along the way.

Our Team

Built by a Team Who Understands

Our Team

We’ve brought together an exceptional team of people at the intersection of care, technology, and design to revolutionize how individuals connect with and receive care for autoimmunity. We’re united by our collective personal experiences with autoimmune care, and by the desire to build a better  experience for everyone who needs it.

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