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Evidence-based root cause care for your autoimmune members, who drive 50% of your high-cost specialty medication spend.
Reduce Your Pharma Spend
Maya, 37
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Annual cost of
Humira medication
as seen in
The Problem

Autoimmune Disease
Is A Top Area Of
Spend & On The Rise

The silent epidemic of autoimmune diseases is having a substantial impact on the health of your members and the health of your business.

Escalating prescription drug costs, coupled with expensive medical procedures and diagnostics, results in high-cost claimants.

While often overlooked, the numbers tell a compelling story on how to help your members and your bottom-line.

50% of specialty drug spend

Is driven by autoimmune disease and it has grown 459% over the past decade. (Source)
Common Rx:

15% of workers

Suffer from an autoimmune condition. Over the past 30 years, the prevalence has more than doubled. (Source)
Common conditions:
hashimoto’s thyroiditis
Ankylosing Spondylitis
Crohn's Disease
Graves' Disease
Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Multiple Sclerosis
Psoriatic Arthritis
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Sjogren's Syndrome
Ulcerative Colitis
hashimoto’s thyroiditis

$34,000 Average Annual Cost

For members with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is 1 of 100 autoimmune conditions. Autoimmune patients are 4x more expensive than your typical member. (Source)
the problem

The patient Journey is
long, Non-Linear & expensive

Our solution

WellTheory’s Impact on Member Health

Since launching our solution, we’ve achieved transformative outcomes across thousands of members.
Biologics Savings
Per member, per year
Fewer Missed Days
Members experience a reduction in 2+ missed work days per month
Fewer ER & Urgent Care Visits
Per member within 16 weeks
Reduction in Fatigue
after 16 weeks
Improvement in Life Satisfaction
after 20 weeks
Reduction in Pain
after 16 weeks
How it works

A Root Cause Approach to Healing

WellTheory is a first-of-its-kind digital solution to address the underlying causes of autoimmunity. Through research-backed nutrition and lifestyle changes, we provide whole-body care that is a less-expensive, lower risk, and more effective way to manage autoimmune disease.
Month 01
Identify Root Cause
Complete proprietary root cause assessment to identify underlying factors contributing to symptoms
Get matched with dedicated multidisciplinary Care Team, led by a licensed registered dietitian, board-certified health coach and a care coordinator
Join 60 minute session walking through member’s personalized symptom data analysis and a customized 360 care plan to address root causes
Run advanced testing as needed
Month 02 — 06
Reduce Symptoms
Biweekly live calls with Care Team to support accountability and troubleshooting with personalized care plan
Adjust Care Plan as needed and reassess progress every 3 months
Access to unlimited messaging, asynchronous educational content and expert-led masterclasses, advanced testing, digital community forums and live events, and care coordination with broader Care Team external to WellTheory
Month 07 — 12
Maintain Progress
Monthly live calls with Care Team to maintain progress and troubleshoot as needed
Access to unlimited messaging, asynchronous educational content and expert-led masterclasses, advanced testing, digital community forums and live events, and care coordination with broader Care Team external to WellTheory

44 Peer-Reviewed Published Papers Show Our Approach Works

We’ve Made Partnering

Let us handle the heavy lifting. We’ve streamlined the contracting, implementation, and management responsibilities so you can focus on what matters most — supporting your members.

Simple & Seamless Contracting and Billing

We manage billing through medical claims to streamline the integration experience and ensure that this falls under your medical budget.

Turnkey Implementation

Our goal is to ensure a “light lift” for your team during implementation. WellTheory will provide ready-made communications assets and reporting and own account/project management responsibilities at no additional cost to you.

Integration Into Your Ecosystem

Plugging into your existing ecosystem is paramount to support a seamless integration experience. We will partner closely with your carriers and other vendors in our commitment to provide your members a seamless, frictionless, high-value experience.

Participant-based Pricing

Only pay for members enrolled in our program. We’ll work with you to determine which performance guarantees might make sense for your population, and any engagement-based milestones we’ll hit along the way.


Of individuals with autoimmune conditions are women (Source)


Incidence of Lupus for black and hispanic women vs. non-Hispanic white women, with other conditions affecting POC more drastically as well (Source)


Of women with autoimmunity are told “it’s all in their head” and are not taken seriously by their care providers (Source)

Women & People of Color Deserve A New Standard of Care

Finally being listened to, heard, and believed was one of the most critical parts of my own healing journey.
Ellen rudolph, founder & ceo
partner with welltheory

Let’s Shape the future of autoimmune care

The first step is reviewing your claims data to see just how much WellTheory can save your organization in autoimmune-related healthcare costs. No commitment required.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for WellTheory? What conditions do you support?
WellTheory is available for free to employees, dependents 18+, and pre-65 retirees enrolled in an ____ medical plan with HP as their primary insurance. 

We specialize in helping anyone with autoimmune diagnosis or autoimmune-like symptoms on their healing journey. We've supported individuals with 50+ autoimmune conditions and counting.

To validate that you're a good fit for our program, you will complete a brief clinical questionnaire (~10 minutes). In some cases, we may determine you’re not able to join if your questionnaire or insurance information is incomplete, or if we're not able to support you from a clinical perspective. In those cases, we'll always try to refer you to other services that may better fit your needs.
How long do members typically work with their Care Team?
Our program lasts 12 months and is broken up into two 6-months phases: our Core and Maintain programs. The "Core" program is more intensive with twice a month live 30-minute calls with your care team, while our "Maintain" program is focused on maintaining your progress with once a month live 15-minute calls. This time period is long enough for most members to experience meaningful symptom reduction and build their knowledge and tools for managing their autoimmune condition(s) in the long term.
Who is on my Care Team?
Your dedicated Care Team includes a licensed registered dietitian, board-certified health coach, and a care coordinator. Think of your registered dietitian as your nutrition expert, your health coach as your behavior change buddy, and your care coordinator as your go-to for anything customer service-related.
Is there really no cost to join WellTheory? How?
Yes! WellTheory is covered through employers and health insurance plans, so there’s no cost to you. Get care when you need it—without the burden of copays and other hidden costs.
How do I get started?
Click here to join our program. You'll complete our intake process (~10 minutes) and get matched with your dedicated Care Team for an initial 60-minute in depth onboarding session.
Can I change coaches if it’s not a good fit?
Yes. Finding a coach you connect with is crucial to healing. While members rarely feel the need to switch coaches, we’ll work with you to connect you with the best possible match for you.