At WellTheory, we collaborate with a select network of independent third-party labs for diagnostics. All of these labs are CLIA certified, CAP accredited, and/or benefit from physician authorization, ensuring a level of precision that aligns with medical institutional standards. Each participating lab is subjected to regular quality assurance checks to consistently deliver the highest standards in testing.

Your testing kits are conveniently delivered right to your doorstep, complete with user-friendly guidelines to aid you in the sample collection process.

Healing Doesn't Always Happen in a Doctor's Office

The average primary care visit lasts 18 minutes1 and you’re lucky to get two per year. With WellTheory, you get two visits per month and unlimited messaging with coaches who specialize in autoimmunity.
30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Benefits Beyond a Typical Doctor’s Visit

Traditional Care
In-depth, twice per month 1:1 video sessions
Traditional Care
Unlimited messaging for support and accountability
Traditional Care
Access to labs and advanced testing to identify root causes
Traditional Care
360º whole-body care (including nutrition, lifestyle, and daily habits)
Traditional Care
Personalized care plan that evolves with you on your healing journey
Traditional Care
Community events, support groups, and office hours
Traditional Care

The Support You need between appointments

We believe in a collaborative care team model and aim to integrate alongside your existing physician and specialists to support you in between your medical visits.
Holistic Approach
Simple lifestyle habits around nutrition, stress, sleep, and movement have a huge impact on how you feel. We'll help you build an actionable plan that fits your everyday life and puts you in control of your symptoms.
Continuous Support
Beyond 1:1 video sessions, you have unlimited messaging access to our experts. Have a question, concern, or flare up between appointments? We're just a message away.
Root Cause Diagnostics
Looking to dig deeper? Use advanced diagnostics to identify the root causes contributing to your symptoms. With remote ordering and at-home kits, you’ll receive insights you won't get from an ordinary doctor’s visit.
We understand that your healing journey is highly unique, non-linear, and evolves as you grow, learn, and progress. So, our level of care and coaching is similarly adaptive and fluid to meet your changing needs and health goals. We’re not overly prescriptive, instead, we’re collaborative in our approach to care.

Healing Is a
Collaborative Art

We Offer Continuous, Personalized Care

Your symptoms may be sporadic, but your care shouldn't be. We provide long-term nutrition and lifestyle plans informed by your root cause and tailored to your evolving needs.
Megan, 37
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Joint Pain, Fatigue, Skin Irritation
root causes
Food Sensitivities
action steps
Supplements: Add in cod liver oil with each meal. This will help reduce your pain hormone signals.
Nutrition: Remove the “yellow” foods identified on your MRT for 3 months. These are the foods driving your inflammation symptoms.
Kate, Registered Dietitian

Comprehensive Lifestyle Changes

Science says 80% of health starts with small choices we make every day. Our Care Team supports you in five key areas of influence including nutrition, sleep, stress management, movement, and your relationship to self, others, and nature.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your Care Team members specialize in autoimmunity?
Yes. Everyone on our Care Team has autoimmune-specific training. We also support people who don't have a diagnosis but are experiencing similar symptoms.
Do you have a minimum time commitment or contract I need to sign?
No. We’ve all been in the position of wondering whether something’s actually going to work, and we want to make trying WellTheory a no-brainer. Our membership is month-to-month—no contract needed. We'll also refund you if you're unhappy with your experience in the first 30 days.
How does WellTheory work with my other care providers?
WellTheory is designed to augment rather than replace working with a doctor or specialist. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive plan for your daily nutrition and lifestyle practices as well as ongoing guidance and accountability.
Can I pay for my membership with HSA or FSA dollars?
Yes you can. We accept payment from HSAs and FSAs using debit or credit cards. Typically, your HSA or FSA will contact you to request a Letter of Medical Necessity, which you will need to obtain from your healthcare provider.
How do you measure my progress?
We measure progress in two ways: symptom reduction (using a clinically validated quality of life survey) and biomarker improvement. Periodically, we check in and measure both areas to see how you’re progressing and identify next steps in your care plan.
Can I get testing done without a referral?
Yes. We offer a range of testing, including gut microbiome analysis, food sensitivities, hormone panels, heavy metals, and environmental toxins. Our Care Team will work with you to determine which tests are recommended based on your symptoms and health goals. Testing is optional and is not included in the membership.
Learn more about our lab tests.
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1 Neprash, Hannah T. PhD*; Everhart, Alexander BA*; McAlpine, Donna PhD*; Smith, Laura Barrie PhD†; Sheridan, Bethany PhD‡; Cross, Dori A. PhD*. Measuring Primary Care Exam Length Using
Electronic Health Record Data. Medical Care 59(1):p 62-66, January 2021. | DOI: 10.1097/MLR.0000000000001450