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Betty Murray


Betty Murray, PhD-Candidate, MS, CN, IFMCP is a practicing nutritionist, author, speaker, and clinical researcher. Betty's interest in nutrition and functional medicine came from her own health struggles. In her early 30s, Betty was diagnosed with colitis, only to be told by her doctor that food, diet, and lifestyle had nothing to do with her disease. She knew there was more she could do to get to the root of her illness! Betty's tenacity led to a 20+ year educational journey that included restoring her health and reversing her autoimmune condition. It also led to an immersion into nutrition, biochemistry, and functional medicine, which has become the backbone of her signature Metabolic Blueprint® approach to restoring health.  

Betty is also the founder and CEO of the Living Well Dallas Functional Medicine Center, a premier integrative multi-specialty functional medicine medical center in 2004. She envisioned creating a center where medicine, nutrition, counseling, health coaching, and other mind-body treatments treat illness and help patients prevent and reverse diseases such as autoimmune conditions, mood disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and more. In the last 17 years, Betty and her team have helped tens of thousands of women and men reverse chronic symptoms, regain their health, and transform their lives. Betty was honored to be among the first 300 Certified Functional Medicine Practitioners with the Institute for Functional Medicine in 2014.

Betty studied Human Nutrition and Biochemistry at American Health Sciences University. She holds a Master of Science in Integrative & Functional Nutrition from Saybrook University. She is currently completing her dissertation as a PhD-Candidate at Saybrook University, where she is researching the complex interaction of women's sex hormones, the microbiome, and IBS.  Betty also believes that functional medicine should be the corner stone of primary care. In 2009, she created The Functional Medicine Association of North Texas nonprofit, designed to bring functional medicine training to the north Texas area for clinicians. Betty has become a sought-after speaker and educator for the functional medicine community. She is also a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine, the American Nutrition Association, and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.  

Betty is also passionate about transforming women's lives who struggle with chronic health concerns associated with hormone imbalances. She recognized that women's hormones were a significant causal factor in autoimmune diseases and many conditions. Women seemed to pay the price in health for shifting hormones throughout their lives.  After witnessing firsthand through working with thousands of women across the U.S., Betty observed that women (herself included) often have bigger dreams and desires, but their health keeps them from living their dreams. She found that when she helped women recover their health and reclaim their power, they became unstoppable. Her transformative The Coming Into Our Own Project is a lifestyle brand designed to empower and enrich women's lives so that they can be the empowered leader, creators of their destinies, mother, sister, daughter, business moguls, and partners they want to be. Betty is also the Menopause Mastery Podcast  and Youtube channel frequently featured nutrition expert on National Fox News Radio Broadcasting, CW, NBC, and CBS. Betty has lectured at leading conferences, including as a Keynote speaker at The Go Red Campaign, C300 Women's conference, and SHEICon2017.