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Medical Reviewers

Dr. Robert Floyd

Medical Reviewer

Dr. Floyd is Board-Certified by The American Academy of Family Physicians and an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Physician.  He is also a member of the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.  Dr. Floyd has extensive training in Functional Medicine, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Trauma Surgery, and Critical Care and has worked as an integrative physician, Hospitalist, and Emergency Medicine Physician over the past fifteen years, including holding multiple Medical Director positions for more than 5-years.

Being an elite-level athlete, he keenly understands how diet and lifestyle choices impact health and wellness.  He has been an "outside the box thinker" his entire career utilizing - both in his daily life and his practice - biohacking and integrative/functional medicine modalities to help himself and his clients achieve optimal health.

Having seen up-close and firsthand the devastation and the carnage left behind by the current western medicine model, he knew he had to do something different to help his patients reclaim their wellness for good.  Known online as the PaleoMD, Dr. Floyd now uses his 3-step, 6-R process to help his client reclaim their wellness, reduce the need for pharmaceutical medication and even reverse chronic disease -all naturally.

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