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Başak Uysal

WellTheory Health and Wellness Writer
ABOUT Başak Uysal

Başak is a last-year Ph.D. student in women’s sexual and reproductive health, with a background in molecular biology and genetics. Her passion for writing started at an early age with journaling and poems. Her academic background and own autoimmune journey led her to read and write about the science of autoimmunity and lifestyle factors that make a difference. She is particularly interested in achieving remission, pain management, and making food fun when you are on a special diet.

Başak is passionate about informing people to make good decisions for their health. She aims to be the bridge between scientific literature and people who want to feel good in their bodies. When she is not writing, she loves dancing, spending time at the beach, and brunching. Her secret power is converting every dish to its AIP version.

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