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Kate Randall

Registered Dietician Nutritionist
ABOUT Kate Randall

Kate Randall is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and a member of the care team at WellTheory, a virtual care platform with a mission to reverse the autoimmune epidemic through nutrition and lifestyle-based coaching. At WellTheory, Kate delivers medical nutrition therapy and promotes whole-body healing through individualized wellness protocols. She also currently serves as a part-time Army reservist, providing nutrition and lifestyle interventions to soldiers and their family members.

Kate’s passion and expertise lie in sports and performance nutrition; she has acted as an Army Special Forces Green Berets’ dietitian and as an Olympic sports dietitian at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She holds a Bachelor of Science in dietetics with a minor in military science from Central Michigan University. She also received her master's in nutrition and human performance from Logan University and a cooking certification from the Culinary Institute of America.

Kate is a fermentation enthusiast and enjoys experimenting in her home kitchen. She also loves applying her food science background to bio-hack her own personal performance — whether it’s hiking with her husband, cycling, practicing yoga, or weightlifting.

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