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Starting your autoimmune healing journey can be confusing and overwhelming. This community coaching approach takes the pressure off by presenting the autoimmune protocol in a logical order without adding more stress to the process. The transition is gentle and the pace is manageable with a focus on the positives of adding healing foods and healthy lifestyle modifications. This team is compassionate and supportive — they've been there and they understand what we're going through. If you're struggling to get started or need help making the AIP stick, this program is just what you need!
— Gail, Diagnosed 2 years ago


What You Need to Know

Does WellTheory accept insurance?

While we do not accept insurance at this time, making WellTheory’s offering more affordable and accessible is near and dear to our hearts. This is on our roadmap.

Can I use my FSA or HSA card to pay for my WellTheory membership?

While we do not accept FSA/HSA cards at this time, we are working very hard to make sure that this offering is available to our members in the near future. 

How does a WellTheory membership supplement my physicians or specialists?

While physicians may focus on disease diagnosis and high-level monitoring of disease, our Care Team at WellTheory will work with you to make important day-to-day nutritional and lifestyle changes that are foundational to healing.

Because we do not offer medical care at this time, we recommend all of our members continue to work with their primary care physician while enrolled at WellTheory.

Is this membership appropriate for people of all ages?

At this time, we are accepting members over the age of 16. We will partner closely with parents for minors.

Who is part of my Care Team?

WellTheory members have access to a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Health Coach, and Care Coordinator to ensure holistic, ongoing support and guidance.

What is the difference between a WellTheory NTP and Health Coach?

Our NTP's have a deep knowledge of body systems, the role of nutrient density and vitamin and mineral interplay, and whole food preparation. They provide in-depth assessments for our members, create Care Roadmaps, and help identify and correct underlying nutritional imbalances.

Our Health Coaches have a deep knowledge of motivational interviewing, positive psychology, behavior change, habit creation, and goal setting. They have a working knowledge of diet, lifestyle, and nutrition, allowing them to implement protocols recommended by NTPs or healthcare providers and address gaps in a member’s healing journey.

What’s not included in my WellTheory Membership?

Some costs are optional and not included in your membership but provide tailored care for your particular condition.

  • Supplements: Your Nutritional Therapy Practitioner may recommend particular supplements based on your nutritional status. Recommendations are assigned through WellTheory’s online supplement dispensary.
  • Lab tests: Advanced testing is not covered by insurance. There may be times we recommend testing to uncover the root cause of imbalances, restore optimal function, and bring the body system back into balance.

What advanced testing does WellTheory offer?

We offer a range of a la carte testing, including gut microbiome analysis, food sensitivities, hormone panels, heavy metals, and environmental toxins. Our Nutritional Therapy Practitioners will work with you to determine which tests are recommended based on your symptoms and individualized health goals.

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