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Healthy Living
May 26, 2023

11 Mouth-Watering Low FODMAP Snacks to Add to Your Grocery List

Low FODMAP snacking made easy — discover a variety of flavorful and healthy snack options that are gentle on your gut.
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Written by
Paige Milatz
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Betty Murray

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Every body responds differently to different foods. When you find the foods that work best with your system, it can bring joy and relief from knowing what nutrients make you feel your best. For some people, following a low FODMAP diet can help with digestive system issues. And what diet is complete without snacks? In this post, we’ll divulge 11 of the most delicious low FODMAP snacks that are available premade and ready to take with you into your day.

Getting the most out of these premade snacks means pairing them smartly with other nutrient-dense foods. Creating well-balanced snacks that have protein, fats, and carbs will help maintain your autoimmune health and overall wellness by sustaining your energy without spiking your blood sugar. Research shows that choosing snack options that are high in protein and fiber can keep you feeling satisfied longer than a snack that’s high in sugar and fat. If you’re looking for support in creating wholesome snacks that are perfectly suited for your autoimmune condition, WellTheory’s Care Team can provide personalized nutrition recommendations. (Source)

A Note on FODMAPs

Low FODMAP foods can offer relief from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms for many people. If you’re someone who experiences IBS, you most likely have had diarrhea, bloating, and cramping as some of your usual symptoms. But did you know that certain components of your diet may be worsening these symptoms?

FODMAPs (fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols) are short-chain carbohydrates that don’t absorb well in the small intestine and ferment rapidly in the large intestine. These types of carbs are implicated in the IBS symptoms mentioned above.

Sucrose, lactose, fructose, sorbitol, and xylitol are a few of the more recognizable forms of FODMAPs. For all-things low FODMAP, be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to the Low FODMAP Diet for trusted and science-backed information on what foods are high in FODMAPS, who a low FODMAP diet can work for, and additional resources on IBS and FODMAPs.

cut pieces of a chocolate bar

Snacking on Low FODMAP Foods

There are plenty of ways to make food fun while keeping FODMAP intake low, whether with simple low FODMAP breakfast ideas or easy homemade snacking options.

A few low FODMAP snacking staples include:

  • popcorn
  • peanut butter
  • dark chocolate
  • boiled eggs
  • gluten-free pretzels
  • small unripe bananas
  • sweet potato chips


But what if you’re wanting to eat low FODMAP on the go? What options exist for picking out premade low FODMAP snack items straight from the grocery store?

Here we’ve compiled 11 mouth-watering low FODMAP snack ideas that are commercially available throughout the United States, either in-store or online. You won’t believe that eating low FODMAP could taste so good and be so convenient until you give one (or all!) of these snacks a try!

And what makes these snacks even more accessible is that they’re all certified as low FODMAP with an easily identifiable logo marking them either as FODMAP Friendly or Monash University Low FODMAP Certified. No sifting through ingredient lists necessary when choosing snacks with these low FODMAP labels, making your shopping haul a breeze.

11 Mouth-Watering Low FODMAP Snacks to Add to Your Grocery List

Now let’s get this list rolling! Get ready to fill up your grocery cart with these deliciously convenient low FODMAP snacks.

two chocolate almond brownies

1. Bobo’s Chocolate Almond Brownie Bites

These luscious brownie bites are sure to please your sweet tooth. They’re soy free, gluten free, and vegan, thanks to plant-powered wholesome rolled oats. Bobo’s has a low FODMAP section on their website where you can browse the rest of their low FODMAP products, with offerings like lemon poppy seed oat bars and coconut almond oat bars stuffed with almond butter. Once you’ve tried one Bobo’s product, you’ll want to try them all. Lucky for you, they have over 25 flavors and 4 different varieties of low FODMAP snacks available. You’ll be able to try a different kind every time you’re in the snack aisle!

Ingredients: Organic whole grain rolled oats, brown rice syrup, chocolate almond butter, organic coconut oil, organic cane sugar, chocolate chips, almonds

2. Good Fod Foods Italian Style Meat Stick

If you’re in search of a high protein, low FODMAP snack, look no further than this Italian style meat stick. With 7 grams of protein, no sugar, and made with 100% USA beef, this snack is ready to enjoy right away. And if you’re wanting more spice, try their jalapeno lime flavor to heat up your snack time routine. A fun and simple treat that you can enjoy with confidence, knowing that it’s FODMAP friendly.

Ingredients: Beef, sea salt, encapsulated citric acid, cultured celery powder, black pepper, fennel seed, oregano, basil, red pepper

3. GoMacro Everlasting Joy MacroBar

Organic shredded coconut, creamy almond butter, and vegan dark chocolate chips — no, we’re not describing a warm homemade cookie straight out of the oven, but a MacroBar named “Everlasting Joy” for a reason. These delicious bars are widely available at Target, Walmart, Kroger, and through grocery delivery services as well. You can buy a 12-bar tray to always have them on hand. With 11 grams of protein and a chewy texture, it’s the perfect fuel during snack time — or for dessert!

Ingredients (all organic): Brown rice syrup, almond butter, protein blend, puffed brown rice, chocolate chips, unsweetened coconut, almonds

a bowl of strawberry yogurt

4. Green Valley Creamery Lactose Free Organic Strawberry Yogurt

Delightfully creamy and perfectly portioned, it doesn’t get better than a sweet serving of lactose-free strawberry yogurt. This yogurt pairs beautifully with granola, nuts, or even fresh strawberries on top (following the recommended low FODMAP portions for each suggestion, of course!). Check out their blueberry and vanilla flavors too, both of which are also organic and lactose free. Pick up a handful of these cups next time you’re at the store for an easy, on-the-go treat.

Ingredients: Organic pasteurized cultured low fat milk, organic fruit blend, lactase enzyme, pectin, live and active cultures

5. ADNB Confetti Cake Pop Almond Butter

American Dream Nut Butter is aptly named — it’s possible you’ll enter a dream-like state while indulging in their confetti cake pop almond butter. It’s hand whipped, made in small batches for maximum freshness, and begging to be put on your grocery list! Nobody’s judging if you eat it straight from the jar. Spreading 2 tablespoons onto an unripe banana is a flavorful way to change up your snack routine. This almond butter certainly brings the fun factor to low FODMAP snacking.

Ingredients: Almonds, sugar, cornstarch, natural flavoring, sea salt

6. San-J Teriyaki Sesame Brown Rice Crackers

Here’s another crunchy treat you’ll be happy you bought. These delectable crackers are coated with sesame seeds and baked with tamari soy sauce for maximum umami flavor. Enjoy them with dips and spreads, or pile on some lactose-free cream cheese and smoked salmon to make your own topping. It’s almost as good as eating at a sushi restaurant!

Ingredients: Brown sesame, potato starch, brown rice, tamari soy sauce, sugar, dextrin, ginger

chocolate bar squares

7. Enjoy Life Ricemilk Chocolate Bar

This rice milk chocolate bar gives you all the richness of smooth milk chocolate without the dairy. It’s an allergy friendly chocolate bar that has over 150 5-star reviews on the Enjoy Life website. Whether you’re roasting low FODMAP s’mores in the summertime or pairing it with FODMAP friendly fruit for indulgence in any season, this bar is sure to please. Keep a few bars in your kitchen for whenever you feel inspired to whip up a chocolatey dessert. Munching on a piece is a sure way to curb a midday sweets craving, too!

Ingredients: Cane sugar, cocoa butter, unsweetened chocolate, dried rice syrup, salt

8. GoMacro Oatmeal Chocolate Chip MacroBar Mini

Here’s a great nut-free snack option that’s organic, vegan, and only 100 calories. GoMacro’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip MacroBar Mini combines gluten free oats, a dash of vanilla, and dairy-free chocolate chips for a packable, nutritious bar. Its texture lands in the perfect place between chewy and crunchy, and it’s just sweet enough to leave you satisfied and energized. There are 5 grams of protein packed into this bar, which makes it a great option for a lighter snack that still curbs your hunger. You’ll want to buy these in bulk once you give them a try!

Ingredients (all organic except salt): Brown rice syrup, sunflower seed butter, protein blend, gluten free rolled oats, chocolate chips, crispy brown rice, maple sugar, natural flavor, puffed brown rice, sea salt

9. The Good Chocolate Mint Chocolate Bar

There are many delicious chocolate options to try that aren’t bitter, plain dark chocolate. The Good Chocolate Mint Chocolate Bar is one of them! Fudgy chocolate is paired with zingy mint for a vegan, award-winning chocolate bar that has zero sugar, thanks to erythritol and stevia extract. Pick one up for yourself next time you’re out, and soon you’ll be raving about them and sharing them with friends. Because who doesn’t need more chocolate in their lives?

Ingredients: Organic cacao beans, erythritol, organic cocoa butter, organic mesquite powder, peppermint oil, organic stevia extract, organic vanilla

a bowl of potato chips

10. Fody Kettle Cooked Barbeque Chips

Certain flavors present low FODMAP challenges. For instance, barbeque seasonings will typically be flavored with onion and garlic, which is a no-go when sticking to a low FODMAP eating plan. But Fody makes kettle cooked barbeque potato chips that are FODMAP friendly, and won’t disturb your gut. There’s no onion, no garlic, and no lack of flavor. When you have a hankering for a crispy, crunchy snack, try out these chips that are easy to love and easy to digest.

Ingredients: Russet potatoes, avocado oil, sugars, sea salt, maltodextrin, yeast, yeast extract, tomato powder, horseradish powder, paprika extract, smoke flavor

11. Green Valley Creamery Lactose Free Pepper Jack Cheese

Green Valley Creamery’s Lactose Free Pepper Jack Cheese is a zesty twist on plain Monterey Jack, giving you a delicate blend of sour, sweet, and spicy cheese that’s as versatile as it is tasty. Shred and melt it on top of sea-salted corn tortilla chips, or slice some chunks to go with your Italian style meat stick from snack item #2. Adding this to your grocery list and keeping your fridge stocked with low FODMAP cheese makes for an easy, enjoyable snack.

Ingredients: Pasteurized cultured milk, green and red jalapeno peppers, salt, vinegar, vegetarian enzyme, lactase enzyme

The Bottom Line on Adding Low FODMAP Snacks to Your Grocery List

Make your shopping trips fun and FODMAP friendly by finding items that are certified low in FODMAPs. Eating low FODMAP snacks and following a low FODMAP diet may help lessen IBS symptoms if you and your Care Team have decided that following a low FODMAP eating plan is right for you. If you have IBS-like symptoms, are looking to figure out food sensitivities, or just want to take your autoimmune health into your own hands, WellTheory offers personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching to help you start healing now. Even something as simple as snack time can support your overall wellness.

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11 Mouth-Watering Low FODMAP Snacks to Add to Your Grocery List

Low FODMAP snacking made easy — discover a variety of flavorful and healthy snack options that are gentle on your gut.
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11 Mouth-Watering Low FODMAP Snacks to Add to Your Grocery List

Low FODMAP snacking made easy — discover a variety of flavorful and healthy snack options that are gentle on your gut.
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